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Welcome to Quik Air – Airconditioning Installation Melbourne

The Airconditioning Installation at Quik Air – Airconditioning Installation Melbourne revolutionised the old 'box in the wall' style of room air-conditioner. The main parts are the indoor unit connected by pipe work and electrics to the outside condenser unit. Consideration must be given to drainage from the indoor unit as the condensation occurs during the cooling process.

At Quik Air – Airconditioning Installation Melbourne, we have modern, attractive and the more traditional styles of air conditioners to suit all your home. Super quiet models are also available for your convenience. These adjust the room temperature without starting and stopping all the time. Multi wall split Airconditioning systems are also available, which means you have one outdoor unit with two or more indoor units.

Services and Products Quik Air – Airconditioning Installation Melbourne Offer:


  • Airconditioning Installation
  • Install Only
  • Supply Only
  • Install and Supply

Ducted Systems:

  • Supply Only
  • Install and Supply
  • Install Only

Add on Heating and Cooling:

  • Update Your Existing Systems

Why Choose Quik Air – Airconditioning Installation Melbourne?

Quik Air – Airconditioning Installation Melbourne are quick when it comes to the installation of your Airconditioning system, even in the most difficult areas of your home or office. If you want your heating and cooling in the one convenient appliance, the split system Airconditioning available from At Quik Air – Airconditioning Installation Melbourne are the perfect Airconditioning solution for you and your family.

Airconditioning installation for medium-sized rooms is the convenient way of providing quiet cooling and heating without needing two separate Airconditioning units. If you’re not sure what type of Airconditioning system would best suit your needs and space, talk to one of our expert consultants at Quik Air – Airconditioning Installation Melbourne.

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